Joy ministry SEKUSDA organized for a revival mission at Katothya centre following an earlier mission that commenced from 13th to 26th December 2015. The participants were as follows;

  1. Speakers

Charles Kiveleti                       Bible study

Alpheus Mumo                        prophecy

Elder Mulei                  family life

Diana Aluoch              health


  1. members
  2. Stephen Mulevu
  3. Robert Ouko
  • AgekeCalvince
  1. James Bundi
  2. MeshackKebenei
  3. Fredrick Otieno
  • Naomi Cheptoo
  • AchsahNgala
  1. Benjamin Musau
  2. Benson Mbatha
  3. Taylor Ndiwa
  • MoureenOnkundi
  • Stanslavski Joseph
  • MishaelMosoti
  1. Micah Mogaka
  • HyvenMwisheni
  • Lewis Kibet
  • Sabatina Gabriella
  • Esther Martha
  1. Peter MutuaMusili
  • Moses Amos
  • FiathMutemi
  • Christina Mutindi
  • Robert Makau
  • MeshackMusinga
  • Joyce Martin
  • FridahKamene
  • ShadrackKyalo
  • Anne Mwangi
  • Grace Musili
  • Lawrence Kyalo
  • Florence Ngami
  • Raphael Mutemi


Guiding program

5-5.20 Waking up
5.20-6a.m Morning devotion
6.20-6.50a.m Exercise
7.00-8.00a.m Preparation
8.00-9.00am Breakfast
9.00a.m-1.00p.m Visitations
1.00-2.00p.m Lunch
2.00-3.00pm Site preparation
2.345-3.45pm Health
3.45-4.00 Songs
4.00-4.45pm Family life
4.45-5.00 Songs
5.00-6.00pm Bible study
6.00-6.30pm Songs
6.30-8.00pm Prophecy
8.00-9.00pm Supper
9.30-10.00pm Visitation reports
10.00-10.30pm Prayers
10.30pm-5.00am Rest


Following the above guiding program, the activities were carried out.


By the guide of the Holy Spirit we conducted fasting on Wednesday from 6.00a.m-6.00p.m because it is a necessity for the success of any mission.  It’s a spiritual war, ‘For we wrest not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…Ephesians 6:12 KJV.‘ We had to seek God’s strength, ’Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting… Matthew 17:21 KJV.‘The whole program was guided by FredrickOtieno and glory to God was because it was successful.


Upon the culmination of the crusade, four members accepted to be baptised and this was officiated by pastor Kioko at the secondary school nearby. The members included:

  1. James Bundi
  2. Steve Muuo
  3. Dennis
  4. Martha

All were given a hand of fellowship at Katothya Sabbath schoo


Being in an arid area and far from any urban centre, we faced many challenges namely;

Inadequate water supply sand shortage of food due to under-estimated budget. Baptised members and other interested residents requested to be given Bibles though was a challenge to give to all members because we had not carried new ones. Baptismal class program was not conducted .  Proper way of issuing of the Discover guides. Sickness-some of our members became sick. Inadequate natural remedy ingredients like charcoal, stinging nettle, moringa, etc.

We also faced rejection in some homes. Some were because they claimed to profess a totally different faith and others were not willing to welcome us into their homes.




  1. Tyler Ndiwa Joy member-SEKUSDA
  2. Grace Musili KwaMulungu Youth

THEME: Heritage of the Lord

Key text: Psalms 127:3

Theme chorus: Mimi niNuru

Mission statement:  Am the light and the light is me (MATTHEW 5:14-16)

The classes began as from 18th to 24th DEC 2016

ACTIVITIES: Singing, matching, verse recitation and playing. General lessons: 10 commandments                  (Exodus 20:3-17), Bible stories -Jonathan and David (1stSamuel 18,19,20,21),Daniel at the den of Lions(Daniel 6) and Eutycus(Acts 20:9).

ATTENDANCE:  Sunday-10, Monday-16, Tuesday-32 Wednesday -22, Thurday-20, Friday- 21, Sabbath (Saturday)-47

In comparison to the area population, this was quite good attendance. All Glory and honour be to the Almighty God.


The health department team comprised of;

  1. Ms DianaAluoch
  2. Fredrick Egesa
  3. MeshackKebenei
  4. NaomiCheptoo
  5. Ms SabatinaGabriella .

The health department carried out special visitations to the homes in Katothya and we tackled various conditions, most of them being lifestyle conditions including Arthritis, Diabetes, ulcers, hypertension. Concoctions was prepared following the proper procedure for treatmentand administered to them. We did practical examples and it worked out especially treating open wounds using activated charcoal paste. God healing power was manifested in the area using natural remedy.


We faced scarcity of ingredients for preparing concoction. We also had shortage of activated charcoal due to lack of trustworthy charcoal to prepare it. Furthermore, few of the team members were not adequately conversant with the natural remedies.


Considering the challenges that we faced in this mission, we see it wise that before the next mission, a thorough training on natural remedies be conducted not only for the health team members but also for the whole church because healing was part of our saviour’s mission while He was here on earth, moreover, we all are supposed to be true missionaries who reflect the character of Christ and follow Christ’s method in ministering to our brethren.

We also thought that it would be wise if we allocated an adequate budget for the purchase of the items required to prepare natural remediesin the coming mission for efficient service delivery to the locals..

We also propose that next time we have a baptismal class through the two weeks of mission so that by the time baptismal candidates are baptized, they are equipped with the whole truth about God and baptism. In addition, we suggest that as we plan for missions, we also plan on how we can get Bibles for the new souls which we harvest in these missions who may not be at a position to secure for them one.

Otherwise, we exhort our brethren to continue in this race, tirelessly working to bring souls to Christ and also helping us to be in good health as is the will of God as recorded in the third epistle of John verse two.

Report compiled by;

Secretary                                                                                  phone number

Lewis Kibet                                                                                0716892378